Recipe: sulochanachat_desiremoth_track

Label: On the Old Form

Start Description: Now - now we begin to understand each other.

Description: The road you want to walk is what we call the Old Form. I walked it myself, and eventually it brought me here. You'll give up everything along the way. You'll need to shed your skin, and not only once... Find me in my house, and we can talk about the partner you will need in the end. Here's the address.

Action: talk

Requirements: 11

Table Requirements: None

Extant Requirements: None

Effects: 1

Aspects: None

Mutation Effects: None

Alternative Recipes: Nothing

Linked Recipes: Nothing

From Recipes:

Slots: None

Warmup: 0

Maximum Executions: 0

Deck Effect: None

Internal Deck: None

Ending Flag: None

Signal Ending Flavour: None

Portal Effect: none

Craftable? No

Hint Only? No

Signal Important Loop? No

Comments: None