Recipe: paint.palestpainting.luxurious

Label: The Colours Tidal

Start Description: In a night-blue Mansus-haze swims a coral palace-crown which yields now and then to the moon. At its fore-edge it absorbs the lesser Names, coating them with its minerals and juices, and at its rear edge it expels them, polished like jewels - but not all of them. The others go to feed its thorny Tide-heart.

Description: None

Action: work

Requirements: 1

Table Requirements: None

Extant Requirements: None

Effects: -1

Aspects: 1

Mutation Effects:

Alternative Recipes: Nothing

Linked Recipes:

From Recipes:

Slots: None

Warmup: 0

Maximum Executions: 0

Deck Effect: None

Internal Deck: None

Ending Flag: None

Signal Ending Flavour: None

Portal Effect: none

Craftable? No

Hint Only? No

Signal Important Loop? No

Comments: None