Recipe: explorehq.bookshop

Label: The Guarded Hearth

Start Description: We will warm the spaces behind the shop with fire-light, enliven them with the kettle's whistle and the gramophone's hum. Not all our celebrations require the shedding of blood.

Description: Bookshops give solace to the anxious, the ignorant and the troubled in spirit. Even after Morland brought her curious wares here, this solace lingers. Tonight the Hour called Thunderskin steps softly.

Action: explore

Requirements: 11

Table Requirements: None

Extant Requirements: None

Effects: 1-1

Aspects: None

Mutation Effects: None

Alternative Recipes: Nothing

Linked Recipes: Nothing

From Recipes: Nothing

Slots: None

Warmup: 60

Maximum Executions: 0

Deck Effect: None

Internal Deck: None

Ending Flag: None

Signal Ending Flavour: None

Portal Effect: none

Craftable? Yes

Hint Only? No

Signal Important Loop? No

Comments: None