Recipe: bequestarrives

Label: A Bequest Arrives

Start Description: A letter from a solicitor. The old man at the hospital - the one I dream of - has named me in his will. I'll hear more soon.

Description: The old man has bequeathed me a sum of money, and a packet of peculiar papers - poetry, riddles, metaphysical speculations. For the first time in months, here is some fuel for my Reason. [Study is unlocked.]

Action: study

Requirements: None

Table Requirements: None

Extant Requirements: None

Effects: 191

Aspects: None

Mutation Effects: None

Alternative Recipes: Nothing

Linked Recipes: Nothing

From Recipes:

Slots: None

Warmup: 30

Maximum Executions: 1

Deck Effect: None

Internal Deck: None

Ending Flag: None

Signal Ending Flavour: None

Portal Effect: none

Craftable? No

Hint Only? No

Signal Important Loop? No

Comments: This makes the Study action available, and is triggered from intro only.