Ending: minorheartvictorywithrisen


Description: As the pain fades, so does my voice, but now my heart will speak for me. In the scales of Time shall it be weighed against a feather, and it shall not be found wanting. In my final shape I shall pass the Tricuspid Gate, as my dead beloved flaps behind like a flag in a storm, and add my heart's beat to the Thunderskin's chorus. Our rhythm is the rhythm of the Hours: and the Hours have promised that we shall endure with the world unceasing. My once-beloved will encircle me as the Grail donned the Thunderskin, and perhaps this is always what was intended. We move eternally through the Mansus, and in eternity is our constancy assured. [Congratulations on a variant Change: Feather victory. You have wrestled the game to its knees. There are other paths.]

Ending Flavour: Grand

Animation: DramaticLight