Element: vaultcontinent4

Label: The Vanderschaaf Collection

Description: A cramped little museum in a provincial town, long closed to the public since an outbreak of peculiar rapture in the room where they keep the pressed flowers. Only the very curious would ever pay attention to the place, and its close-warded store-room of ill-omened treasures.

Aspects: 111

Induces: Nothing


Cross Triggers: None

Triggered By: None

Triggered With: None

Requirement for Recipes:

Effect of Recipes:

Lifetime: None

Decay To: None

Decay From: None

Aspect? No

Unique? Yes

Uniqueness Group: None

Hidden? No

No Art Needed? No

Resaturate? No

Override Verb Icon: None

Animation Frames: 0

In Decks:

Comments: None