Element: tooledged

Label: Biedde's Blade

Description: A cut from this blade will not cease bleeding until the wound is healed. One account has it that Biedde was a knife-collecting surgeon-highwayman in eighteenth-century Toulouse. Another claims Biedde is only the bastardisation of an Arabic word for 'mosquito'.

Aspects: 518

Induces: Nothing

Slots: None

Cross Triggers: None

Triggered By: None

Triggered With: None

Requirement for Recipes:

Effect of Recipes:

Lifetime: None

Decay To: None

Decay From: None

Aspect? No

Unique? Yes

Uniqueness Group: None

Hidden? No

No Art Needed? No

Resaturate? No

Override Verb Icon: None

Animation Frames: 0

In Decks:

Comments: None