Element: firecircletantra

Label: The Fire-Circle Tantra

Description: The one known extant copy of this in Western Europe was stolen from the British Library in 1892. One Harvey Hattington confessed to the crime and claimed to have eaten it, with butter and garlic, in a moment of ungovernable whimsy.

Aspects: 12

Induces: Nothing

Slots: None

Cross Triggers: None

Triggered By:

Triggered With: None

Requirement for Recipes:

Effect of Recipes:

Lifetime: None

Decay To: None

Decay From: None

Aspect? No

Unique? Yes

Uniqueness Group: None

Hidden? No

No Art Needed? No

Resaturate? No

Override Verb Icon: None

Animation Frames: 0

In Decks: None

Comments: None