Element: colours.luxurious

Label: The Colours Tidal

Description: In a night-blue Mansus-haze swims a coral palace-crown. At its fore-edge it absorbs the lesser Names, coating them with its minerals and juices, and at its rear edge it expels some of them, polished like jewels. The others go to feed its thorny Tide-heart.

Aspects: None

Induces: Nothing

Slots: None

Cross Triggers: None

Triggered By: None

Triggered With: None

Requirement for Recipes:

Effect of Recipes: None

Lifetime: None

Decay To: None

Decay From: None

Aspect? Yes

Unique? No

Uniqueness Group: None

Hidden? No

No Art Needed? No

Resaturate? No

Override Verb Icon: None

Animation Frames: 0

In Decks: None

Comments: None